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This strain is 50% sativa and 50% indica. Kush Mints is a potent and flavorful strain that has a minty and cookie-like aroma and flavor, with hints of gas and pine. It has a balanced high that is both relaxing and euphoric, with a pleasant body buzz and a creative mind.


Buy Cannabis Online Norway What comes to mind when you consider the typical cannabis experience? It is often associated with hunger and relaxation. Kush Mints has you covered if that’s what you’re looking for. Seed Junky Genetics’ excellent cannabis derives equally from her Bubba Kush and Animal Mints relatives. Although an average THC dosage of 23% may not appear to be much, many users claim that Kush Mints carry a tremendous punch. When you’re ready to let go of the pressures of the day, give this lady a try.

Her nugs are fluffy and dark green in color, with a thick layer of frosty white crystals on top. As if her name didn’t already give it away, this bud is full of fresh mint flavor but, unexpectedly, it contains cannabis. Buy HHC Gummies Online Australia


If you’re expecting Kush Mints to be as refreshing as her flavor, think again. While some users expect a euphoric and encouraging set of effects, the majority of users say that this strain is both emotionally and physically relaxing. You may not feel terribly stoned unless you overdo it, but mellow happiness may pervade your body from head to toe. It should be noted that many smokers say that Kush Mints gave them the cravings, so stock up on snacks accordingly!

Evenly balanced hybrid strains are popular among medicinal users because they offer a fantastic combination of cerebral and physical benefits. Kush Mints does not disappoint, as many users claim she efficiently alleviates anxiety and sadness. Physical discomfort is also experienced.

Buy Cannabis Online Norway

Even while everyone loves Seed Junky Genetics, home growers aren’t always their biggest fans. The team develops some of the most amazing strains on the market but does not offer seeds to the general public. Kush Mint clones are claimed to be available in rare situations, and if this is the case, most experts recommend growing her indoors in a hydroponic environment.

Kush Mints is possibly the best after-dinner strain available, with flavors that will remind you of a wonderful treat and effects that will help you wind down before bed. While this strain is good for inexperienced smokers, those who know what they’re doing will like it the most. Grab your favorite junk food after a long day at work.


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