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This strain of weed produces euphoric highs and uplifting effects that are known to be long-lasting.

Buy Cannabis Online Switzerland Cheetah Piss is a Cookies strain that effectively mixes a few favorites to give clarity, gasoline flavors, and stimulation with a lemon edge. Gelato 42, Lemonnade, and London Poundcake 97 are its three parent strains, making for an intriguing combination. Cookies transformed Gelato, Lemonade, and Poundcake into Piss. This strain will supply you with a mind-expanding, strong array of talents as long as you are not turned off by it. The name is a pun on the ancient classic Cat Piss, but the two strains have nothing else in common.

Its terpenes make the new Piss even funkier and more diesely, blending less common cannabis flavor characteristics into a pungent concoction that resembles the stinking haze of kitty litter, complete with ammonia taste.

Cheetah Piss is a strong plant with a strong gasoline flavor and a pungent stink that gets right up into your nose and makes your eyes water. Cheetah Piss should be avoided by those who are unfamiliar with a diesel palate or a skunky strain. Experienced users praise its superbly balanced structure (50/50 Indica/Sativa) and mind-blowing effects.


The flavor of fruit, cream, and ammonia has a pleasant exhale that is intensely pungent as customers begin to experience the effects. It starts with a sensory overload from the flavor, then expands into your consciousness with a happy focus. You’ll find your tongue loosening, your creative juices flowing, and you may even sense excitement in social circumstances. Cheetah Piss is a meditation on roughness in your nostrils, but it also infuses your mind with happy clarity.

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Cheetah Piss is therefore an ideal strain for people who are fatigued or sad and need a mental boost. Mood swings, tension, and chronic pain disappear when you immerse your head in Cheetah Piss. The sensations of stimulation, hunger, gregariousness, creativity, and relaxation imply that the strain can also be used to treat social anxiety, erectile dysfunction, and even writer’s block.

The effectiveness of a strain such as Cheetah Piss is greatly reliant on the user’s experience. While we wouldn’t recommend it for the average user, people who appreciate the flavor of a great, fuel-flavored hash may grow to like Cheetah Piss. They only need to get beyond the name. Buy Cannabis Online Canberra


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