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The buds are lime-green, heavy with crystals, and usually have plenty of red hairs. Consumers like this strain for its refreshing lime taste and its potency. This hybrid can offer uplifting cerebral effects, making it a popular choice for those treating depression and anxiety.


Buy Cannabis Croatia Liberty Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid that produces cerebral effects. It is the work of Barney’s Farm, a breeding company that has also produced flavor-focused strains such as Tangerine Dream and Blue Cheese. It is a cross between the Mississippi-bred G13 and the sativa favorite Chemdawg. Because of its vivid, well-rounded taste and active personality, it’s a perfect choice for a range of situations. Liberty’s Haze’s psychoactivity earned it the title of best strain overall in the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup. Liberty Haze flowers had between 17% and 29% THC, according to Analytical 360, a cannabis testing facility.

Liberty’s Haze’s blossoms betray its sativa nature, with long, tapering buds reminiscent of traditional Thaistick. These buds’ leaves are soft and fluffy and easily torn away from their primary stalks. The leaves are a vibrant spring green with a profusion of orange to red hairs (which are actually pistils that catch pollen from flowering male plants). Transparent trichomes keep the blooms sticky and potent, but they lack the silver luster of other resinous strains. When Liberty Haze buds are fully cured, they release the unusual perfume of lime. When examined closely, the citrus flavor is complemented by more dank, kushy base smells. This kind is extremely combustible. Buy Cannabis Online Brisbane


Customers immediately feel the effects of Liberty Haze as a bracing head high. A continuous pressure around the eyes and temples may be felt. There is also a visible change in perception, which may be unsettling at first; smokers may become abruptly more watchful, if not hyper-aware, of their surroundings. Users can direct their energetic thoughts in any direction they like once they’ve gotten adjusted to the new situation.

Liberty Haze might give you the push you need to get out there and get things done. It can also help with task completion, whether it is creative and artistic or more analytical and task-oriented. It could also be a great time to bond and relax with friends, whether you stay in or go for a walk on a sunny day. Liberty Haze is a classic “wake and bake” strain that should not be used before going to bed. Its potent brain effects may last a long period, even for cannabis veterans.

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Liberty Haze’s recreational and medical benefits are mostly psychological (but its anti-inflammatory properties may provide some relief for moderate aches and pains or an irritated stomach). Its consistent sense of focus and clarity can help people with attention deficit disorders. Individuals suffering from mild to moderate stress and depression may benefit from it by opening up perception and mood pathways, allowing them to be more present and “in the moment.” One of the undesirable side effects is dry mouth. Due to its tendency to stimulate recursive thinking and paranoia, Liberty Haze may not be the best choice for those who are prone to panic or have a low THC tolerance.


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