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How long should weed be packaged for?

Buy Weed Online In Dublin. Dried cannabis keeps for six months to a year in the right storage conditions (more on this later). It starts to lose its strength and scent with time. An earlier study found that after a year, cannabis loses about 16 percent of its THC, and after two years, it drops even further—an additional 26 percent of THC is lost. Buy THC Cartridges Online

Is a jar better than a bag for weed?

Nevertheless, bags might not shield the cannabis from physical harm as well as jars and do not provide the same amount of resilience. Additionally, they don’t offer a clear visual guarantee of the product’s quality.

Buy Weed Online In Dublin

Mylar bags still offer an airtight, odor-proof closure, however some individuals would suggest utilizing them more for personal usage than for professional packaging. You can personalize mylar bags to fit your needs and use them to store consumables or cannabis flower.

Glass is your best option because it is nonporous and airtight. Cannabis farmers use Mason jars because they are a tried-and-true technique.

Acute, dose-dependent increases in heart rate (HR) and blood pressure (BP) are brought on by THC. Owing to a rapidly growing tolerance to THC’s intoxicating effects, greater dosages and more frequent use are frequently noted.


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