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The sweet flavors of lemon and citrus mix exceptionally well with the earthy kush undertones. The light green buds are covered in a white frosting of trichomes and provide uplifting and creative effects. Lemon Kush is the perfect solution for when the stresses of life have you feeling sour.


Buy Lemon Kush Online Europe Lemon Kush refers to several unique yet related strains. Alien Genetics (creators of the well-known indica Alien Kush) claims to have created one Lemon Kush strain by cross-pollinating Lemon G and Afghan Kush. Another popular Lemon Kush strain is a hybrid between Master Kush and Lemon Joy. Analytics 360, a cannabis testing business, discovered that Lemon Kush strains contain between 15% and 26% THC, making Lemon Kush a mild to strong psychoactive agent. Buy CBD Vapes Online Perth

Lemon Kush has nugget-like buds that are smaller in size than usual. They feature an indica-like bud structure that is tight and dense. It has light green leaves that are lightened by a dense layer of trichomes. The resin makes the buds sticky and tough to separate without the use of a grinder. When the buds are broken, a lovely and smooth lemon aroma is released. Intact buds also have scents of damp soil and musk, which help to balance out the citrus flavor.

Lemon Kush’s citrus scent and flavor are attributed to D-Limonene, a chemical component or terpene. D-limonene occurs naturally in citrus fruits and is used to enhance the aroma of lotions and fragrances. D-limonene was discovered to have anti-inflammatory and even antioxidant properties. cancer-fighting qualities in animal and test tube experiments (however these results were not repeated in a later test among women with breast cancer). D-limonene may also aid in acid reflux relief.

Buy Lemon Kush Online Europe

Lemon Kush’s high may come on slowly, taking up to 10 minutes to become apparent. This high is distinguished by heightened mental focus. Creativity and rapid free-association of thoughts are also common, making this a great strain for artistic endeavors or simply enjoying music or a movie. These mental effects are less spacey and more clearheaded, allowing the user to do errands or perform household tasks like cleaning. A well-rounded strain,

Lemon Kush also has a small body buzz, which helps to smooth out the cerebral effects and lowers the risk of cannabis-induced anxiety or paranoia. Because couchlock is infrequent, Lemon Kush is a strain that may be enjoyed both day and night. Lemon Kush has historically.


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