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QNTM Extracts new line of “Clouds Gold THC” vape juice.
New formula with Organic MCT oil, proprietary natural flavoring extracts (mint), and THC Distillate.
Every 10mL bottle contains 1000mg of THC, just put it into your e-cig tank for a smooth and flavourful smoke! Medicated discreetly,
as the smoke doesn’t smell like bud, just fruity!

Works with Vapes from 10watts to 75watts

*Not compatible with Vape Pens with a 510 thread battery (Ie. Sky Extracts, Sovrin, etc…). Juice only, hardware not included.
**Separation is normal, shake well before use.

Does vape juice go bad and expire?

Yes, technically, e-liquid can spoil. However, it differs from food spoiling. Vape juice keeps well on the shelf. It may even eventually turn brown and change color, but this does not indicate that it is past its prime. E-liquids typically “expire” after the first ingredient in them. That will, generally speaking, be up to two years from the date of manufacturing.

The duration of e-liquid is dependent on your ability to keep it away from heat, sunlight, and oxygen. But don’t rush to put every bottle in the refrigerator! Your preferred juice will last as long as possible if you store your e-liquid tightly closed in a cold, dry cabinet.

There are bottles of e-liquid that have an expiration date and those that don’t. However, infant formula is the sole product that needs to have an expiration date according to FDA regulations on consumables. The manufacturers choose when products should be used and when they should expire. Buy Cannabis Online 

How much are you consuming?

Let’s start by determining how much e-liquid you use each day. Unfortunately, a puff counter cannot be used for this. The simplest method to figure out how much e-juice you consume is to multiply how many tanks you use in a day by the tank’s capacity. Try looking up the capacity of your tank online if it’s not listed on the container. It’s likely that it will be mentioned on a number of websites.

The nicotine level of your e-liquid is the next piece of information you’ll need to figure out how much you’ve consumed. Your e-liquid bottle will have this stated on it; it will often be in mg/mL. Simply increase this amount by the total milliliters you drink over the day.

What is vape juice?

The liquid that powers electronic cigarettes into vapor is called vape juice. It goes by another name, too:

Electronic liquid
E-juice, also known as e-juice
Liquid vaping
Juice for electronic cigarettes
E-liquid must always be present for vaping to produce vapor, regardless of the size or design of the vape device. There are several flavors, viscosities, and nicotine levels available in vape juice.


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