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What are cali packs ?

“Cali Packs” are literally Mylar bags, that have been designed and printed to store or package cannabis flower, oil or resin. They have had enormous growth and have been trending in stoner circles and set to explode even further in cannabis industry in 2020.

Cali Packs are custom printed and designed Mylar bags. They are usually used by medical marijuana dispensaries, as a way to brand there product and enhance the overall quality and feeling of the marijuana flower. BUY THC OIL (Per Gram)

Whilst cali packs are popular, another form of storing and marketing there flower is using press it in tins or cali tins, to market there final product. They are literally tuna cans, with weed inside. Buy Cannabis Oil Online Germany

Cali packs have become popular in the EU and especially the UK, where you can find people collecting them on Instagram. The best or the most popular cali tins are; Jungle Boy Bags & Packaging, big smokes farm tins, runtz Mylar bags, gas house, gelato and Zkittlez tins and packs. Buy Kerala Kush

Every cannabis connoisseur on Instagram seems to be posting these cali packs and cali tins. Some of the most popular Mylar bags, have been the jungle boys packaging bags, runtz bags, cookies sf packaging, gelato and Zkittlez. Buy Blue Sugar Cookies

3 reviews for GELATO CALI TINS

  1. Sam Gilchrist

    Smooth, powerful, it is one of the best strains I’ve smoked so far

  2. Kelly Laken

    Gelato strain 50% hybrid linage thin mint cookies/sunset sherbet, the bud has nice sweet aroma/Kush smell nice lime green bud with a tinge of purple in spots,with nice kinda light orange hairs. THC level can reach as high as 25%. A nice mellow high. But doesn’t leave you couch locked you can still concentrate and get things done. Witch is the sativa affect, newbie smokers beware!!! It may be a little bit of strong smoke for the first time!! One of my favourites in the cookie family!! Cheers and smoke on!!!

  3. Zoe

    My first time having Gelato was, I would say Sunday, and I do not think I’m a fan of it. It makes me feel slightly paranoid. It also makes me feel like my heart is racing. I don’t like that at all 😂 I disappointed though because people I know love it.

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