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Ideal for morning and daytime use, Khalifa Kush produces creative effects with an active cerebral high. Many cannabis consumers find the effects of Khalifa Kush to be similar to that of OG Kush. Khalifa Kush features flavors like velvety kush, pepper, sour lemon, and pine. Medical marijuana patients often choose this strain when dealing with mental stress or pain.


Buy Khalifa Kush Europe Khalifa Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid (80/20 indica) with insanely high THC levels, consistently testing between 26 and 29 percent. It is an OG Kush offspring with a CBD level of roughly 2%. Wiz Khalifa’s cannabis strain is known as Khalifa Kush. The rapper and RiverRock, based in Colorado, are touting the strain as having a calming but stimulating impact. Khalifa occasionally abbreviates the strain name to KK.

Mr. Khalifa joins Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, Melissa Etheridge, and other celebrities in promoting cannabis products and customized strains. Consumers should expect more branded strains like Khalifa Kush in the near future as the cannabis industry expands its connections with celebrities.

The Cookie Co. 415 dispensary in San Francisco was the first to popularize Khalifa Kush. Wiz Khalifa stated that developing the unique OG Kush genotype took years. They started from the ground up, with Khalifa personally evaluating the product before giving his approval. Genetics are still kept under wraps, and legend has it that the real Khalifa Kush is considerably stronger than what can be obtained in dispensaries, and is only available to Wiz.


The strain’s energizing characteristics make it ideal for a wake-and-bake session or a lunchtime session. The strain was created by breeders to have uplifting mental benefits as well as a soothing physical effect. Along with the high THC concentration, the effect on the body is without significant sedation, which should appeal to recreational consumers. Lightweights and beginning users should proceed with caution when using this strong plant.

The strain’s absence of significant sedation makes it acceptable for mild to moderate medical illnesses such as fatigue, stress, anxiety, and depression, but the high CBD content is beneficial for more serious conditions. Medical patients may also enjoy the strain owing to its smooth smoking, which is said to bother the throat less than other strains.

Buy Khalifa Kush Europe

Khalifa Kush buds are tiny to medium in size, green with orange hairs, dense, and densely packed with resin. Because it is a phenotype of OG Kush, cultivate it indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse when seeds are available. The plant is densely packed with buds. Prune the plant for best development and harvesting in 60 days. Buy Weed Online Australia

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