Lemon Cheesecake Thai Strain

Lemon Cheesecake Thai Strain



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Originally produced by Dutch Flowers, Lemon Thai is a cross between a Thai sativa and a Hawaiian strain. Taking after its Thai parentage, the effects of this strain are extremely cerebral, allowing users to feel introspective, focused, and thoughtful. This strain features a pleasant lemony-mint taste and typically flowers in 10 weeks.


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The Lemon Thai cannabis strain, as the name suggests, has a lemon-mint scent due to strong terpene levels. The weed’s citrus aroma and flavor imply that it is high in limonene and phellandrene. Because of myrcene, there is also a hint of sweetness that complements the prominent acidic notes. Some marijuana users experience a faint pungency in the smoke and tingling sensations on the tongue, similar to after drinking a glass of cold lemonade.


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