Jungle boys

Activation Time

Buy Jungle boys Online Europe We crushed up the three Jungle Boys strains we bought and wrapped them into individual 1g joints. We smoked the three joints on various days to properly differentiate the activation time and effects of each strain.

Each Jungle Boys strain provided effects that were immediate and lasted for more than 90 minutes. Because every Jungle Boys strain has over 30% THC, it’s no surprise that Hippy Crasher, Sin Mints, and Space Age Cake all had powerful, intense effects.

Hippy Crasher, as a strong sativa, produced effects that we’re delighted we got to appreciate during the day. Sin Mints is a more balanced hybrid, with a moderate indica body high and a robust sativa buzz. We discovered that Space Age Cake is best consumed before going to bed, and that this indica strain has strong couch-locking properties.

The activation times and effects of the Jungle Boys strains we tested are summarized below:

  • Immediate, potent effects
  • Effects last for around 90 minutes
  • Each Jungle Boys strain contains around 30% THC

Best Dosage

After testing three Jungle Boys strains, we discovered that less is more with this brand. Because Jungle Boys cannabis is so THC-rich and delicious—not to mention expensive—consider smoking only around a third of a 1g joint every session.

Buy Jungle boys Online Europe

Jungle Boys THC flower is great for cannabis users in California who aren’t scared to pay top cash for the best of the best. While $55 for an eighth may seem a little costly for hardcore cannabis users who consume close to that amount every day, Jungle Boys is ideal for connoisseur stoners and casual recreational cannabis users looking to treat themselves or impress their friends.

Are Jungle Boys flowers lab-tested?

Yes, Jungle Boys flowers, like all THC flowers sold in California, must be tested independently by a third party before being sold. The results of these lab tests are available via a QR code on your Jungle Boys product box.

Does Jungle Boys deliver?

Yes, you may order Jungle Boys cannabis online for delivery from the Jungle Boys Official Shop. You can even use bitcoins to pay for your order. However, ordering Jungle Boys cannabis through a dedicated delivery platform such as Eaze or Amuse would result in substantially faster delivery times.

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