Order Weed Online Germany
Order Weed Online Germany Order Marijuana Online Berlin Where To Order Cannabis Online Germany Order Weed Online In Munich Best Weed Delivery Near me
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Order Weed Online Germany

Order Weed Online Germany Order Marijuana Online Berlin Where To Order Cannabis Online Germany Order Weed Online In Munich Best Weed Delivery Near me

Law Enforcement

Avoid smoking in public and you have nothing to worry about. If you do decide to do so anyway, you still have almost nothing to worry about. Just don’t go making a big deal out of it and you’ll be fine, in other words don’t go waving a joint in front of a police officer and most chances are you will stay out of trouble smoking as much weed as you want. BUY JUNGLEBOYZ ONLINE GERMANY

Where to Buy Marijuana in Berlin

There are several ways to go about finding weed or hash to smoke in Berlin. However none of these methods guarantee any good quality or any fair deals, You will probably get ripped off or at the most get some low quality weed or some soap bar hash that you don’t really want to smoke but have no choice. Buy Bruce Banner online Frankfurt

If you are still insistent on trying to score some herb on your own just be careful because sometimes you get really horrible weed bestbudzeu.com

and then you are pissed off because you lost your money and now you don’t even have a decent smoke. BUY RUNTZ ONLINE GERMANY

Smoking weed in Germany

You can try walking around some parks and trying to find the dealers, everyone in Berlin is quite friendly so if you are in a park and you ask some young people where to get some they will be happy to point you in the right direction, but again, be extremely careful not to lose your money, as there are scammers in those parks as well. Buy time  wreck online

As of March 2015 we have the following advice from our users: Buy THC Vape cartridges online Germany

  • Hasenheide (just ask a black guy), Sbahn “Köllnische Heide” (walk over the street and their is a soccer field), Görlitzer Park (go out of the train and they will ask u if not ask them
  • No doubt one of the easiest cities to score in the whole of Europe. Gorlitzer Park (Wiener Strasse entrance) or Hasenheide (Sudstern entrance) are your best bet if you are here as a tourist. Where To Order Cannabis Online Germany The bud is average but the sizes and prices are fair. Order Marijuana Online Berlin As stereotypical as it sounds, just walk up to the groups of African guys in these parks and they’ll sort you out! –UKBerliner. Buy edibles online Germany

  • Buying weed at the görlitzer park is really safe! Unfortunately the police is raiding the place more often, but it doesn’t matter.. 5 minutes after a police raid all is the same again.. people are dealing weed while others just go their to relax in the sun and smoke a joint! It is super relaxed! The downside is, that the weed isn’t always that cheap, but always nice quality! And if u are lucky u can get a good price too! Another place to score weed is the park Hasenheide in neukoelln and the “raw gelände” at war Schauer Strasse!. Buy Girls Scout Cookies Online Munich
  • Been staying for two months in Kreuzberg and I got offered some on the street before I even got to my room. I had my backpack on so I screamed “tourist” but it was good stuff, legit. 50 Euro for a bag that lasted me a good month, I’m sure that’s high but I didn’t care (easily talked them down to 40 Euro the second time). Where To Order Cannabis Online Germany For a sure thing just go to the big park in Kreuzberg between Görlitzer Straße and Wiener Straße (not sure the name of the park, it’s not listed on Google Maps, just search for Görlitzer Straße). Order Marijuana Online Berlin There are always a ton of Rasta/black guys there during the day selling, it’s practically a street fair!. Order Weed Online Germany
  • Weed delivery in Germany

  • Dudes just go to Görlitzer Park. Dealers just literally come to you if u just don’t look like a family guy. Their start price is so high (maybe not for people from the US) but its real easy to bargain some. Like as soon as they realize you won´t just buy “anything” they´ll lower their prices. Buds are not so big but weed is better than average! Also ask any Rasta or pothead lookin guy on the street, sometimes you get lucky and they sell you their own weed, that that’s good stuff!!

For more information read: Görlitzer Park: cannabis culture or drugs dump?

Berlin Marijuana Prices

20 euros for a big chunk of hash or 30 euros for 2 grams of average quality. It varies, but usually between 7 and 10 Euro per gram of weed. The really exceptional weed like Kush or Haze can cost up to 15 Euro per gram. Buy Alice in Wonderland online Berlin

Marijuana Types Available

It varies on availability, but in Berlin almost anything and everything is available, including wax and shatter. In any case, the grass is quite good here considering the price and if you know the right people you can find really high quality weed. Shop With us

More information:

Just don’t go parading around with a backpack full of ganja and you really have nothing to worry about! Besides, there’s the Hemp Parade for that! Enjoy!. Can you buy CBD in Germany?

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