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6 reviews for GUSHERS CALI TINS

  1. Loudpakevans

    It smokes pretty damn good not really fruity depending on your batch buds are pretty hefty healthy bright green with hints of purple it’s looks and smell that grabs you with this strain

  2. Benny Og Blanco

    Natural Xanax at its best is how I would describe Gushers. I find this strain works best if you suffer from anxiety, ptsd, or if your just a friendless weirdo… anyway the taste is mouth watering just like a fresh pack of gushers. The buds have dark purple, orange and hints of dark green in it, and you can smell fruit and skunk in it, aka elevator arm pits for you city folk lol. When I smoked this I definitely felt at peace physically and psychologically like my thoughts came together better, and I was able to focus on whatever task at hand, which for me was smoking more weed. It is high on the indica feeling but you would not be completely sedated. But definitely pick it up it’s on my top 5 definitely.

  3. jaxsonslade007

    Doesn’t smell like or taste anything like guahers but it’s good stuff lots of orange hairs and a lot of crystallization and skunk smells with something else

  4. Jess54r

    Smoking the crumble form of this strain and as a permastoned person…this shit is insane. My favorite kind of high

  5. marvel jack

    Great Strain. Definitely worth looking at. Has me feeling calm and Relaxed.

  6. Dawniejo33

    Very strong and tasty similar to a purple flavor and effect which I love! Good medicinal strain.

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